Hackathon: NBCU2015 and Telemira

For the 2015 NBCU hackathon in Orlando, I entered, along with a friend, into the Telemundo category.  We whipped up the design and the code in a night of a rough prototype app that outlined a novel way to generated viewer interaction during broadcasts.  Enter TeleMira:

TeleMira app
Introducing: TeleMira!

Check out the code on github!

Built with Framework 7 for the easy iOS look-and-feel, it outlined a future where viewers can watch broadcasts, then during commercial breaks and credits receive time-sensitive B-reels, bloopers, and hidden content.  Clips viewed during this time could be saved and traded with friends, since only a limited amount of clips could be viewed during the clip’s countdown period.

How about some gifs to outline what’s going on?

1.  Viewers receive clips during commercial breaks or credits
2. You can watch clips by clicking on them
3. Clips you’ve watched are added to your archive of watched videos
4.  Be careful though, these time-sensitive videos will disappear if they’re not watched in time!
5.  If you miss a clip, you can check to see if your friends has it

If you haven’t yet, try out TeleMira, and tell me what you think on twitter @lintuxvi.  Also, check out the code on github!